Introducing the #1 kitchen app

This app will turn your iPhone or iPad* into an all purpose kitchen aid.

  • It can turn any container like a drinking glass or milk carton into a measuring jar   or kitchen scale.
  • Use it to convert volume, weight, length and temperature
  • Works for every unit USA, UK, metric, imperial, etc
  • Very easy to use, see the instructions for usage

I got this app for my travels, but since I never seem to find my kitchen Jar at home I use it all the time. Works like a charm! Erica, homemaker

The idea and user interface were created by a chef and a nutritionist. It has been thoroughly tested over and over again.

Of all the kitchen apps I bought in the past, this is the one I actually use. It even knows the difference between imperial UK and USA units. Converts everything like a charm R. Schol Chef at Amsterdam Cuisine.