2: Creating your Jar / Scale

In the overview tap  to go to the jar/ scale settings.

Creating your jar or scale starts with needing a container. First you find a container which has one of the next shapes:

  • Round
  • Cone Shaped
  • Rectangle
  • Square

When you tap a container an image will show so you can see what size you need to measure*. Also you can choose if you prefer size in mm or in inches.

Tilt your phone to landscape and put the  on one edge and slide to the other edge of the container. Use  to finetune. Round and square only require one measurement, cone and rectangle require 2. Tap  for selecting each measurement, the image will show you what you’ll need to measure.

When you are done tap 


** Make sure your container is higher than your iPhone and when using a cone shape measure the top size at the highest iPhone point.